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Ashly Nash: LGBTQ Love

Ashly, Louisiana

How old were you when you “came out”?

I was 18 years old.

How old were you when you knew that you were attracted to the same sex?

In the 10th grade I felt an attraction to the same sex

How did your family react?

My mom was the most disturbed by this discovery and she took it upon herself to out me to the rest of my family. To this day we hardly speak about it.

Do you label yourself?

No labels for me.

What is one misconception about the LBGTQ “Lifestyle” that you want to get rid of?

One misconception I’d like to get rid of is the idea that lesbians have certain roles. Often when it is discovered  that a woman is a lesbian, the first question is, “ Who is the boy and who is the girl?” When in actuality the relationships don’t work that way.

How can you help the LGBTQ Youth?

I’d like to create an environment for the youth to feel comfortable being themselves.

Do you think that you were born gay?

I think that I was born just the way I was supposed to be. I don’t know if I was born gay but I do know that I prefer the same sex.

How do you feel about religion being the basis of homosexuality bashing?

I think that it is completely wrong to base hatred for homosexuals on religion. God created all of us and he loves all of us equally. I do not believe that we serve a hateful God.

Do you have children? If yes, how do you “successfully” parent being LGBTQ? No Children (yet!)
How do you make sure that you are being positive?

I start each day writing down 5 things I am grateful for each day.

Where can we find you on the web?



Meet Ashley Nash

Ashley Nash, Opelousas, LA

  1. What is your passion in life? To become the creative director of my own company and own a boutique.
  2. What is your current job? Graphic Designer [Student Worker]
  3. Do you own your own business? If so, what is the name and the mission? Urban Serenity (Jewelry and accessories company) & Fresh Perspectives Photography and Graphic Design (Photography and Graphic Design)
  4. Did you have any fears when first starting your business? No
  5. Did you have any insecurities when first starting your own business? No
  6. Describe your brand in one word. Innovative
  7. Do you have any past failures that you can tell what you did to learn from them? When attempting to take the GRE, I went in head first without trying to study. I did not get into the first grad school I wanted and I learned that I should study to be prepared.
  8. Who are your target consumers? Would you want to change this? Women for the jewelry/accessory line. A variety of people for photography and graphic design. No changes are needed thus far.
  9. What inspires you? Living my dream.
  10. Who inspires you? My mother
  11. What is always at the back of your mind? Always looking for a way to push myself or be better.
  12. What do you want to change about your job or career right now? I’d like to be doing graphic design on a more professional level.
  13. What advice do you have for others? Fears are your biggest liars.
  14. Where can we find you on the web? www.ashnash.com www.twitter.com/ashnash www.ashnash.tumblr.com www.urbanserenityonline.com



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