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Danyelle Little of  “The Cubicle Chick” is now having classes for those who need a little help on the direction of their business, blog, and life… They will be called “CubeClasses” and I just LOVE that name. She will be having the first two classes next month.

Thurs., May 17th, 2012- 6-8pm So I Have a Blog. Now What? Learn Six Crucial Steps You Need to Take to Create Traffic & Make Money on Your Blog.

Sat., May 19th, 2012 9-11am ‘Are You Afraid to Launch (Get that Business Off the Ground’).

I will be attending the one on Saturday because deep down I am afraid to launch… Fear must leave my life, mind, and vocabulary… Danyelle is a force that cannot be stopped!!!!  She’s fabulous and a wife with children so we young-ins who do not have a family per-say yet have not one excuse as to why we are steady talking about our dreams but not acting on them.

Check out her CubeClasses website for more information!!


Show Me The Blog Confrence


I was apart of the staff this weekend that helped Danyelle Little and I must say that she is amazing because of the way she works “a work-a-holic” and handles stressful moments. We had a couple of OMG moments but nothing to cry or write about. This was my first time being apart of and helping out at a conference so I was able to see how to run and do so CORRECTLY while looking FABULOUS. When you have a vision it is important to work through the vision and make it happen… This was the second year and it grew DOUBLE from what it was last year.. That takes dedication and support. We all love Danyelle and were happy to see her dreams live and will continue to come alive in the future.. She is definitely someone to keep your eye on and to look up to.. I am happy and excited to work and learn under her.

I salute you Danyelle!!!!

You can check her out her blog The Cubicle Chick and here She is also on twitter at @thecubiclechick

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