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Day 20:

How important you think education is:

I think it is very important, I was raised knowing that no one could take my education away from me. I was required to read year round and provide book reports and I was always in tutoring.  I was born addicted to crack and to be told that I was not going to amount to anything by adults and school counselors I find it liberating that those statements are furthest from the truth. I am a testament that no matter  what you have gone through in your life, you can overcome anything you set your mind to.  My God does not make any mistakes and he knows exactly the steps he wants me and will have me take.  I feel that I will always be a student of learning, and that makes me happy and giddy.


What about you? How do you feel about education?


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Graduation !!!!


                                                                                                         Class of 2012

I just graduated with my Master of Arts from Lindenwood University and I cannot be more happier.  Yes, I have my Bachelors degree but I played through that degree, I worked but didn’t really work, this degree came with long nights and tears.  There were many nights where I sat at my computer crying because I didn’t know if wanted to give up or continue on with getting this degree. Life is what you make it, even though I thought about giving up many times I am grateful that I didn’t and that I have people in my corner that helped me through those hard times. This degree came with stress, depression, uncertainty if I was doing the right thing, and sooooo on….. I thank GOD that I didn’t give up. I am a living testimony in more ways than one on doing the best to stay on the right path and not in confusion. Confusion will not leave but it’s what you do with it that makes a difference.


My sista Alesia graduated with her Masters degree as well!

Who has a testimony that they would like to share about a hard time in their life and they were able to get through it still smiling?

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