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Pastels and Sparkle

Note that it’s October… Lol



Cigarette pants from target, green silk shirt from old navy and sparkle Toms

Today is better than yesterday even though I did not post! Tell me what you think?

Day Three: Fashion

Today was a lot better and yes I notice I’m late and missed some days! Lol


Blouse from JC Penny, Cardigan from Express, Slacks from Goodwill, and Black Flats from Old Navy..

What do you all think? I feel that this was the best day because I didn’t try. When I try I look a mess, when I just pick what I feel I look fabulous…

Day Two: Fashion

Day two was a little bit better….

Purple sweater from old navy, cigarette pants target


Day One-Fashion

I feel like I started off badly, I could have done better, but I didn’t… There’s always today and tomorrow.

Shirt from goodwill, old navy khaki’s, toms from three years ago.


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