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Election Day!!!!!

Today is the day that we have been waiting for.  After all of the debates, and drama from both parties it will soon be decided who will take office for the next four years.  I pray that President Obama will continue to be in the White House with that beautiful family of his…

YOU know who I voted for!??!

President Obama may be African American but he’s the President for every race and every income level…

He’s done a lot in office and needs four more years to continue turning this economy around!!!

I know we sure need it!!


Pictures found on my social media sites.

Pastels and Sparkle

Note that it’s October… Lol



Cigarette pants from target, green silk shirt from old navy and sparkle Toms

Today is better than yesterday even though I did not post! Tell me what you think?

Day Three: Fashion

Today was a lot better and yes I notice I’m late and missed some days! Lol


Blouse from JC Penny, Cardigan from Express, Slacks from Goodwill, and Black Flats from Old Navy..

What do you all think? I feel that this was the best day because I didn’t try. When I try I look a mess, when I just pick what I feel I look fabulous…

Day Two: Fashion

Day two was a little bit better….

Purple sweater from old navy, cigarette pants target


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