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Ask Javania

If you have questions that you feel you need a little more insight on I can help you revel in the answer. I deal with topics on Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Sexual Abuse, Childhood Sexual Abuse, LGBT issues, and many more.

If you feel like asking any type question, don’t hesitate to send and if I feel that I cannot answer the question wholesomely I will refer to someone else.  Questions will be anonymous and I will post the original question and my answer in a post.

Feel free to email me at [javaniamwebb at gmail dot com] and I will respond in a timely manner.

Thank You for  your support.

Comments on: "Ask Javania" (2)

  1. every since i’ve come out i’ve always been in a relationship or talking to someone. i’ve never experienced being single. and i don’t know how. like i know i want to learn how to be by myself and not have someone to answer to, cuddle with, talk on the phone. i want to learn how to be about ME, not me and whoever i’m involve with. what are the first steps i can take to learning to be by myself and happy? i know this story is everywhere but i hope you get what i’m trying to say lol

  2. here’s my issue. i’ve been involved with this person for like a month and things were going good but all of a sudden i got this feeling that they’re trying to play me by talking to someone else. im trying to stop contact with this person but for some reason everytime they call i pick up. i’ve tried deleting them off my facebook, out of my phone, and i don’t call/text them. but it seems like everytime they call i pick up. i can’t help it. and it’s not like i’m just so into this person, idk what it is that attracts me to them. maybe its the chase/challenge. but i want to be done with them. any tips?

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